Petting Zoos and Childhood Goat Trauma


Not surprisingly, petting zoos are where most goat traumas occur. This is due to the common belief that children like petting zoos. Most people think of petting zoos as a fun, educational afternoon excusion for the kiddies. Well, this is not true. Not by a long shot!

Think about it from the child's perspective for just a moment. Many of those animals are taller than the children are. To make matters worse, the animals have learned that people frequently have food for them and so swarm every human they can in their never-ending attempt to eat. Some animals are non-violent and not pushy in their hunt for food. Goats, however, are obnoxious and pushy. Compound this with the fact that goats eat everything that doesn't eat them first and you'll understand just why so many children suffer goat-related trauma each year.

We at the Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation believe that it is important to keep track of incidents that occur at the nation's petting zoos. Please let us know of any trauma you may have experienced or witnessed so that we may update our files and compile a list of dangerous petting zoos.

For more information on the Evils of Petting Zoos, please see our news articles on goat farms and suspicious goats in Central Florida.



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